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LaQuita The Maven

An entrepreneur herself, LaQuita Poole is the founder and CEO of LSLP Global Empowerment, LLC.  She has founded several other companies and brands as well: VIP Day Events, Phenomenal Designs, LSL Media & Publishing, Making an Impact Counseling Services, Teen Mothers Second Chance, Teen CEO & Entrepreneurs Boot-camp and the GQ Family Brand.  Through these companies she has created well over a dozen courses and several eBooks.

Her prior work includes being a Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Specialist, Certified Case Manager, Juvenile Detention Officer, LADC Psychotherapist (us), and a Permanency Planning Case worker.  LaQuita Poole has a MA in Criminal Justice Administration and dual certification as a Life Coach and Youth & Family Coach with over 15 years of experience.

LaQuita Poole is a homeschooling mother, wife, and tenacious entrepreneur. She was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma but now resides in Dallas, TX.  She is currently working on the release of her new book, Break the Money Curse, due in the fall of this year.

About LSLP Global Empowerment, LLC

The company was formed to provide transformational high-quality programs in the form of books, eBooks, courses, live events, live group coaching webinars and videos.  It’s goal is to support entrepreneurs who have a deep desire to serve their community, build a legacy for themselves and their families, and make a meaningful impact in the world around them.

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